Ep 125: Magic Bullets & Mystery Men (JFK Part 3)
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We move beyond the Texas School Book Depository, and explore the events and evidence that doesn't relate solely to Lee Harvey Oswald - from the Grassy Knoll, to the Magic Bullet, to The Umbrella Man and JFK's missing brain. This is where the mystery of the day really kicks in. Were there shooters behind a picket fence, was there a signal from a mysterious man standing at the curve in the road, why did the doctor who conducted the autopsy burn his notes? Who were the men seen in the railroad yard in the moments around the shooting? Was a puff of smoke seen on the Grassy Knoll as the shots rang out? We delve down into the further layers that make up the parts of the many JFK conspiracy theories, and ask what can be relied on, and what is debunked - as we explore what it is that ensures this story endures to this day. Plus we track how the story evolved in the years after November 1963, as a newly released video and a Hollywood blockbuster ensured the public could never lose the obsession with this unsolved mystery.
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