Bonus: 1990 Forever
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Darren is worried about what's he going to miss out on by not living for another 1000 years, and Joe is considering an eternity in 1990. Darren has some serious problems with the ethics of Jurassic Park, and submits to us that the T-Rex was in fact a big chicken (literally). And the lads show a great degree of sympathy towards the early-Christmas songs crowd.
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Published 02/26/24
Darren tries Haggis, we hear of exotic visitors to the live show, and weigh up icon Dublin landmarks and institutions to be erased from history. And somehow a discussion on shaving pugs leads to an existential crisis as Daren falls into a wormhole of philosophical thought about the meaning of...
Published 02/26/24
The much discussed fake Rolex arrives amid much fanfare, while Darren’ been literally throwing cash away. Inspired by Darren's reckless disregard for precious metals, Joe’s itching to go on a scavenger hunt, until he learns the laws are  bit more complex than “finders keepers”. Continuing their...
Published 02/21/24