Ep 127: Tales from the Pub (or Something)
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Joe has been leading a life of forced cosplaying, and this week he comes clean about the situations he has found himself in, including playing the role of a Mary Poppins character on Griffith Avenue. Darren is considering a life as a scaffolder, and aiming to learn the basics of car maintenance. And there are tales from the pub career of Darren, including a hot streak of barring orders and a belly to belly confrontation.
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Published 02/26/24
Darren tries Haggis, we hear of exotic visitors to the live show, and weigh up icon Dublin landmarks and institutions to be erased from history. And somehow a discussion on shaving pugs leads to an existential crisis as Daren falls into a wormhole of philosophical thought about the meaning of...
Published 02/26/24
The much discussed fake Rolex arrives amid much fanfare, while Darren’ been literally throwing cash away. Inspired by Darren's reckless disregard for precious metals, Joe’s itching to go on a scavenger hunt, until he learns the laws are  bit more complex than “finders keepers”. Continuing their...
Published 02/21/24