Ep 138: You Wouldn't Post a Car
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The much discussed fake Rolex arrives amid much fanfare, while Darren’ been literally throwing cash away. Inspired by Darren's reckless disregard for precious metals, Joe’s itching to go on a scavenger hunt, until he learns the laws are  bit more complex than “finders keepers”. Continuing their newfound historical theme, Darren’s been tomb raiding in a supermarket and finds himself considering replacing his collection of toys with a very sensible exhibit of affordable dinosaur fossils. We learn of a remarkably simple but effective scam run inside an English shop, and lament the decline of the simple Swiss roll. During a discussion on social faux pas in Ireland and around the globe we learn that Joe remains utterly undisturbed by what others expect of him in social situations.
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We weigh up the best technology to bring with us the stone age, and hear Joe’s take on a particular period in history as he lays out some theories of mushroom inspired communication from the past. Darren gets an education on the powers of various saints, and picks his own favourite from the...
Published 04/17/24
We return to the bonus episode with more on Darren’s new found taste for jumping through windows, which has now escalated to kicking beds. We hear about Joe’s views on climbing Mount Everest, and if it is an impressive feat or not, and hang-gliding across the breadth of Dublin city centre. We get...
Published 04/15/24
Published 04/15/24