Bonus: Existential Pugs
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Darren tries Haggis, we hear of exotic visitors to the live show, and weigh up icon Dublin landmarks and institutions to be erased from history. And somehow a discussion on shaving pugs leads to an existential crisis as Daren falls into a wormhole of philosophical thought about the meaning of life, and pugs.
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Darren and Joe return to the studio after the success of the live show, and bring with them talk of bizarre CIA mind games, intriguing subcultures, and student revolts against the faculty. There's of course plenty of talk of the live show, from human centipede jokes to a rush to take home some...
Published 04/10/24
Published 04/03/24
Maybe Joe's crystal has some power after all, seeing as both the lads have enjoyed two big weeks - Joe has wrapped shooting on his short film which he hopes will shine a spotlight on a part of our recent past that often gets ignored and Darren has stepped into a spotlight of his own after being...
Published 04/03/24