Ep 139: The Wolf of Gardiner Street
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Joe tells us about how he once almost became a property mogul, at the tender age of 17. He stood on the edge of an empire, with plans to revolutionise the pool hall scene in Dublin. Sadly this tale is not one of triumph and the business gods didn't smile on Joe, and he is left not with a property empire, but an empire of dirt and a heart full of resentment. Darren has an update on his pawn journey – he’s left the comfort of the couch and entered the real world of haggling over antiques. He’s been haggling at pawn shops and enjoying the thrill of the ride. There’s talk of visiting the Garda seized property auctions, debate over which fictional character Joe most resembles, and updates on his ongoing battle with the food truck industry.
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Published 04/17/24
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Published 04/15/24