Bonus: Curse thy Neighbour
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We explore options for educational reform, with mastery of the treadmill at the core of the future curriculum. Joe calls out the scandal that was false advertising at school open days, particularly in the science lab. The option of a lifetime of riches is spoiled by having to share with a detested neighbour, and we eschew personal wealth in favour of plaguing our enemies with too much sleep, extra cold showers, and two Italian BMTs. Plus there's a breakdown of the breakfast market, from the sweet to the savoury and even the buttered.
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We weigh up the best technology to bring with us the stone age, and hear Joe’s take on a particular period in history as he lays out some theories of mushroom inspired communication from the past. Darren gets an education on the powers of various saints, and picks his own favourite from the...
Published 04/17/24
We return to the bonus episode with more on Darren’s new found taste for jumping through windows, which has now escalated to kicking beds. We hear about Joe’s views on climbing Mount Everest, and if it is an impressive feat or not, and hang-gliding across the breadth of Dublin city centre. We get...
Published 04/15/24
Published 04/15/24