Ep 3: River Rats & Xtra-Vision
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The lads have some confessing to do this week, about their criminal pasts, and they're not proud of themselves. Darren lets us know about (another) crime wave he was victim to in his youth, and Joe visits the GP.
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Published 06/29/22
Joe struggles with anonymity, or worse being known as "Darren Conway's mate" when he's out in public. Meanwhile Darren has been rubbing shoulders with the stars and has come back with news on a strange link between Kodaline and Mr. Price. The lads weigh up if Lego is cooler than Darren's figures,...
Published 06/29/22
Would you rather live a life forever underdressed, or in a permanent state of overdress? Would you fare better, in the long run, living permanently in pyjamas or a tuxedo? This week a listener question sends the lads on a journey anticipating a strange, but restricting lifetime where the clothes...
Published 06/27/22