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This week you catch up with the Trevino’s hectic week.  However, the big take away is you get to vote on what you want to hear.  A more produced podcasts with graphics, bits, segments and tons of explosions or a more free flowing conversation that can lead to many different topics.  Vote now on all of Steve and Captain Evil Facebook. 
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Chairs, chickens and Steve sitting alone on a rock eating watermelon.  See how Captain Evil fits into this scenario.  Plus the Vegas trip is already being planned.  Steve will be performing at the Mirage December 2nd - 8th.  LET’S GO!!!!!!
Published 05/13/22
This episode is dedicated to all the Mothers. In this special episode, Steve expresses his admiration for everything that mothers do and go through.  Happy Mother's Day!    #stevetrevino #captainevil #podcast #mothers #happymothersday #family
Published 05/06/22