"Quantum Dumb" with Stone Collins (Will Hines)
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Expert cable man Stone Collins (Will Hines) joins the band to chat about their time recording the album Quantum Dumb and his tendency to fall for monster-themed pranks. He also reveals how christian U2's The Edge really is and whether Jesus was a show off.  The band shares the dark truths about their own childhoods and how they inspired Hollywood. Barney has yet another medical condition to be deal with. Hawk misnames a charity. Allistair tragically looses a chicken. And Roger gets a letter from an uppity mouse.  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/stonecoldparadise)
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Published 12/23/21
In our season one finale, Irwin Durdles (Billy Merritt), Stone Cold's "Concert Santa Claus" makes a special Christmas visit to talk about his seasonal work as the big man himself. He talks about his evolution from regular roadie to stage mascot for Christmas concerts. The band also unearths some...
Published 12/23/21
Renown Silent Harpist, Anthony Testutio (Jonny Svarzbein) graces Stone Cold with his presence to talk about touring with the band as a prodigy. He reveals some disturbing information about his maternal relations and explains why the band's music is bad. Hawk gets in touch with the dead. Allistair...
Published 12/20/21