Traci and Carsen won't stop going to shows, but they won't stop complaining about them either.
Published 12/04/19
Traci and Carsen are reminding you to be cool with the COVID 19 panic.
Published 12/04/19
Published 12/04/19
Traci and Carsen are getting fed up with people wasting everyone else's time.
Published 09/12/19
Traci and Carsen have to open up Urban Dictonary just to get on FB (they mean Facebook).
Published 09/09/19
Traci and Carsen try to figure out how to tell someone they, uh, might need to take a shower
Published 09/05/19
Traci and Carsen swap vacay stories, and the stress that comes with getting back to the real world.
Published 08/09/19
Traci and Carsen speak their minds, but even they know when to shut up.
Published 07/23/19
Not only are their friends picking up their phones in the middle of conversations, but Carsen and Traci are finding that people can't be bothered to let each other finish a sentence.
Published 07/08/19
Traci & Carsen are done with people in the audience that think they should be on stage.
Published 07/01/19
It's okay to keep a few cards up your sleeve, you don't need to put all 52 shades of crazy face-up on the first date!
Published 06/17/19
An Instagram picture is not worth dying over, or wearing a fanny pack for.
Published 05/24/19
Traci has a follow up about her tax nightmare, and Carsen gets sneaky with contracts.
Published 05/03/19
Carsen went to the Rock Hall Induction, she and Traci break down the fans that show up vs. the fans that show OUT.
Published 04/25/19
Special Tax Day Edition, and unlike Traci's accountant, we don't bill you randomly.
Published 04/15/19
Carsen and Traci talk about being different from friends but being the same as everyone else
Published 04/12/19
Carsen and Traci talk about going down the rabbit hole of your ex's social media.
Published 04/05/19
At least pretend you're listening when you're ignoring us. We're starting the party here.
Published 03/14/19
We'll never stop loving Bob Ross. Or using Purell.
Published 03/14/19
Carsen *thinks* she's uncovered a rental scam, and Traci is pretty convinced she has, based on what the moon is up to this year.
Published 02/22/19
Carsen has strong feelings about the live action Aladdin. And now Traci has concerns about Carsen.
Published 02/15/19
We don't wanna buy your stuff. We can't get you tickets. And then we feel bad.
Published 02/08/19
Penn Badgley, stop following me. Stamos, please follow me.
Published 01/31/19
Stop using Carsen's house as a highway!
Published 01/25/19
We've got issues for days...
Published 01/18/19