Three men meet one evening and not entirely by chance ... the story unfolds. Above them is the monastery and below them is the forest, each with their peculiar forces.
Published 10/17/21
This is a story about a stenography machine, and an unusual group of people who meet in a basement .... http://www.bordersofsleep.com
Published 08/04/21
Magic runs in the family, so when cousin Rupert comes to spend the summer with Damson and her mother, there are magic tricks, a little transdimensional tomfoolery, and, of course, poetic justice. 
Published 04/12/21
A story you've never heard before where neither the frog or the banjo are quite what you might think at first - a mystical pair who surprised everyone and taught a few lessons.
Published 02/26/21
Who makes the woods beautiful in the Fall and how is it done? You might never see them quite the same again.
Published 10/26/20
One day in September, 40 years of the companionship of a forest brings a hermit to the culmination of his life cycle.
Published 08/21/20
"You know, all this talk we are talking? It's like the sunshine and the rain. It's present or not, but when it is present it soaks and warms and disappears. Nevertheless, the nourishing effect of it lasts and shows continually."
Published 05/01/20
It's a story about a quiet girl, and I don't want to give too much away ...
Published 03/29/20
A little story about an unlikely friendship that occurs in a meadow on an expedition to gather chamomile.
Published 03/06/20
Just a rather nice little trip down memory lane in later life, wherein we discover that the peacock is a magical bird ... perhaps.
Published 01/15/20
In which some fascinating things are discovered about the secret life of plants and other living things.
Published 11/19/18
Inspired by an atmospheric piece of music by composer, Paul Morris, this story tells of a strange visit to an unusual shrink. 
Published 07/13/18
Episode 38: A strange journey after life.
Published 05/20/18
Two girls get away from it all in a borrowed Studebaker, and get diverted on their way to the coast.
Published 01/14/18
Episode 36 ... a little bit of autobiography: part of the story of the inception of 'Stories from the Borders of Sleep'.
Published 09/23/15
Writting for the wedding of a friend, this story recounts the strangest wedding night of all time.
Published 09/01/15
An episode dedicated to corporate daydreamers, opponents and proponents of boardroom bluster, meeting doodlers and anyone who has ever had to circle the waggons, eat their own dogfood or deploy blue-sky thinking - this is for you.
Published 07/20/15
As in the King, so in the Kingdom. But how terrible, then, for the Kingdom if the King has lost the will to live...
Published 07/07/15
This is a story about a little girl and a volcano and it's also about a grandfather and a fish, and a village and a rock ... and many other things if you listen carefully.
Published 07/01/14
Here we are, back after a long hiatus, kicking off a new season of fortnightly podcasts with episode 31 - a tale containing a lot of made-up words ...
Published 07/13/13
A cautionary tale about drinking in strange taverns.
Published 08/18/12
Can there be learning without books? Can there be as much to ponder in a day of walking as in a term of studying? A student is forced to face these questions on his way home for the summer.
Published 07/30/12
Occasionally on this podcast, we feature the work of another author from the public domain. This week we have a short story by the marvellous E.M Forster. Writing in the first half of the twentieth century, his romantic soul was troubled by the march of "so called" progress and his voice is still prophetic in our own times. Enjoy!
Published 07/19/12
A woodcutter, a sailor, a lace maker, and a mysterious old woman ... sounds like a fairytale to me.  
Published 04/22/12