Jimmy Zimmerman is among those who finds an affection for the snow, and in today's story, he recounts for us one wintery afternoon when he found himself in a classic snowball fight.
Published 12/18/17
In today's episode, Micah Olson tells us his story about feeling a little stressed over an adoption process that his family went through a few years back during the last few months of the year.
Published 12/11/17
The best medicine in times of trouble is laughter, according to Nita Wood, who shares her sweet story in this episode.
Published 12/04/17
The winter season can bring a lot of weddings with it. As winter appraoches, we chose a story this week that was told by Sue Simkins, who talks about a unique experience she had with her daughter's wedding.
Published 11/27/17
In this week's episode, Jaques dePessis tells us of a time when he and a group of friends were having dinner together, and he realized the importance of taking the responsibility to help others, even when it comes to preparing a meal.
Published 11/20/17
"When people say dreams don't come true, tell them about Rudy." That's just what happened when a film appeared in 1993 telling the story of a boy named Rudy, an underdog and a dreamer who just never quit.
Published 11/13/17
When have you received help from someone that you weren't expecting? On today's episode, Michelle Woodbury tells us her story of how she felt heaven's help through her husband's cousin, Bethany.
Published 11/06/17
What are some of your halloween costumes you've been most proud of in the past? How about some of your worst? Jimmy tells his story this week of a costume he found that, in his mind, would make him look just like the werewolf he was going for.
Published 10/30/17
And That's How We Did Payroll
Published 10/23/17
When you have an opportunity to push yourself, do you give up before you begin? Camden’s story of participating in high school track and discovering the value of a challenge may inspire you to give it your all next time.
Published 10/16/17
Story Mic is a weekly podcast featuring uplifting, entertaining stories from people like you around the world. It is now available for download on iTunes.
Published 10/09/17
This week we are joined by Leslee Nelson telling the story of her family leaving Holland to go to America, following the events of World War II.
Published 10/02/17
You know how certain smells are inherently tied to specific memories? Today's story features that idea, as Paula talks about the memories she gets from the smell of cinnamon rolls.
Published 09/25/17
Can you imagine going to live in another country by yourself? Such was the desire of Courtney Connolly's grandmother, and the essence of today's story.
Published 09/18/17
"What discoveries have you made in your ancestry research? In today's episode, Peggy Lauritsen reveals her amazing overnight encounter, leading to the identification of over 100 lost ancestors in her family tree.
Published 09/11/17
Charlotte talks about being embarrassed by her dad and recognizing how important family is.
Published 09/04/17
When you were little, what did you love most? For Kennady Parkinson, it was a family pet.
Published 08/28/17
Listen to this story about a hero's hero. Jenn Day shares with us about how while her grandfather was at war, a fellow solider saves his life.
Published 08/21/17
We learn and grow so much as children, especially through experiences, good and bad, of how things work in the world around us. In today's story, Eryn Davis tells of a time when she discovered that the world did not revolve around her.
Published 08/14/17
Life is full of choices. We find rewards in our good decisions, and we learn from our mistakes. Fernando Camilo tells the story of how he was faced with a decision as a young boy and learned about using his agency.
Published 08/07/17
What family traditions have you carried in your family throughout the years? Allison Kimball shares one of her favorite family traditions in today's story.
Published 07/31/17
Do you ever find it so hard to avoid sweets that you have to sneak them in when nobody's looking? Well, if you've got a sweet tooth like Adam Mellema, you might relate to his story.
Published 07/24/17
How has your family shaped your life? In this episode of Story Mic, Jenn Crookston shares the story of a business that brought several generations of her family together in ways she’ll never forget.
Published 07/17/17
Appearances aren’t everything. Kristen Jones tells a story about an interaction that taught her to look past the physical attributes of others.
Published 07/10/17
Have you ever pulled a prank that went wrong? Jill Swensen has, and she tells us all about it in this episode of Story Mic.
Published 07/03/17