The Salem Witch Trials
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Bubble, bubble, toil and lots of trouble. The Puritanical witch hunt of Salem, Massachusetts took the lives of 19 innocent people as one of the most dramatic instances of scapegoating in American history. Was there something in the rye? Evil in the water? Sexism in the air? Well, that goes without saying. This Week's Sponsors:   Ritual- Ritual is offering my listeners 30% off during your first month. Visit STRANGE to start Ritual or add Synbiotic+ to your subscription today. CoPilot- Head to to get a 14 day FREE trial with your own personal trainer. Smalls- Head to STRANGE and use promo code STRANGE at checkout for 50% off your first order PLUS free shipping. Laundry Sauce- So head to and use promo code STRANGE at checkout for 15% off!
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