Up In Smoke: The Missing Sodder Children Mystery
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On Christmas Eve 1945, the Sodder family home went up in flames. Parents George and Jennie escaped the blaze with four of their children, only to realize that five of their remaining children were missing. The problem was, no trace of their remains was found anywhere in the rubble. As time went by, curious details led some to believe the may have made it out alive. But where could they have gone? More than 60 years later, this tragic mystery remains unsolved. This Week's Sponsors: Green Pan- Head to GreenPan.us and use promo code STRANGE and you’ll receive 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER plus free shipping on orders over $99. Smalls- That's promo code STRANGE for 50% off your first order PLUS free shipping! Athena Club- Head over to AthenaClub.com and grab your razor kit today or you can find Athena Club Razors at your local Target. Plus with your purchase of a Razor Kit and blade subscription on their site, you can try their Gentle Body Scrub for FREE with code STRANGE at checkout (for a limited time only). Naked Wines- So head to NakedWines.com/STRANGE and click ‘Enter Voucher' in the top right when you get to the website, and enter STRANGE for both the code AND password to get 6 bottles of wine for JUST $39.99 with shipping included.
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