Tulpas: Smarter Than Your Average Imaginary Friend
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Welcome to the Wonderland World of Tulpas! Here a Tulpamancer can enjoy the companionship (or endless torture) of thought-forms conjured from the depths of their psyche and willed into material existence. Don’t worry, there’s only a slight chance they’ll find a way to cross the line from fantasyland into the real world where you may not be able to stop them from wreaking havoc. But hey, the potential of destroying your life by messing with paranormal mysticism never stopped anyone from having a good time! This Week's Sponsors: CoPilot- Head to go.mycopilot.com/STRANGE to get a 14 day FREE trial with your own personal trainer. Ritual- Ritual is offering my listeners 30% off during your first month. Visit ritual.com/STRANGE to start Ritual or add Synbiotic+ to your subscription today. Miracle Made- Go to TryMiracle.com/STRANGE and use the code STRANGE to claim your FREE 3 PIECE TOWEL SET and SAVE over 40% OFF. Stitch Fix- Try today at StitchFix.com/STRANGE and you’ll get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix.
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