Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle
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This week: Two stories of large groups of people vanishing—completely disappearing without a trace—in the world’s most notorious body of water: The Bermuda Triangle. Part 1 takes place LAST YEAR when a boat carrying about 20 passengers set sail from the Bahamas headed to Florida, but never made it. Part 2 tells the story of a routine test flight in which 6 planes and 27 airmen, yes, TWENTY SEVEN AIRMEN, lost contact with ground control and vanished without a trace of any human or plane every being recovered. Their final transmissions with the mainland alone will have you sleeping with the lights on. PLUS all the theories—some of them pretty bonkers—about what is going on there. Come hang out with us on social media! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Join the Facebook Group to meet your fellow weirdos!!This Week's Sponsors:BetterHelp: Get matched with a licensed professional therapist! Get 10% off your first month at Never worry about a home break-in again! Get a 60-day risk free trial AND a free security camera at Your dog, decoded! Get $50 off their breed and health kit by visiting and using Promo Code DAISY
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