Reincarnation: Four People Who Lived Before
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A toddler who remembers dying in a fire, a boy who remembers a fancy life in Hollywood, a kid who remembers being crushed by a tractor, and a man who remembers being a Civil War soldier. Do you believe in reincarnation? You might once you hear these stories and the evidence these four people have to back up their claims. COME HANG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Join the Facebook Group to meet your fellow weirdos!!This Week's Sponsors:  PrettyLitter: Get the world's smartest kitty litter at and use code STRANGE for 20% off your first order! Helix: Find your perfect Mattress! Get up to $200 off AND two free pillows at BetterHelp: Get matched with a licensed professional therapist! Get 10% off your first month at Embark: Your Dog, Decoded! Save $50 on your Embark breed and health kit AND get free shipping by going to and using promo code STRANGE And find all shows from the Obsessed Network here! 
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