The Impossible Disappearances of Brian Shaffer and Ian Burnet
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Columbus Ohio 2006, 1:15 am: 27-year-old medical student Brian Shaffer is seen on a surveillance camera walking into a bar with two friends. But he never comes back out. Somehow, in a bar packed with potential witnesses, Brian vanished into thin air seemingly INSIDE the bar. Then, in New York city in 2011, 22-year-old Ian Burnet, visiting friends to celebrate New Year's Eve gets onto a crowded subway car and is never seen again. How is it possible for someone to vanish without a trace from places packed with people and security cameras? What happened? Where did they go?COME HANG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Join the Facebook Group to meet your fellow weirdos!!This Week's Sponsors: Embark: Your Dog, Decoded! Save $50 on your Embark breed and health kit AND get free shipping by going to and using promo code STRANGE StoryWorth: Give your mom the most meaningful gift this Father's Day with StoryWorth.  Get $10 off your first purchase at Simply Earth: Essential oils to support wellness. Get a free 80 ml diffuser when you subscribe using the URL Stamps.Com: Never go to the Post Office Again! Get a 4 week trial, plus FREE postage, AND a digital scale! Use promo code DAISY at checkout.
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