50: Interior Design is Morally Neutral with Katie Saro
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We focus a lot on this show about survival skills regarding your life and your home. When we struggle–and our mental health is at stake–we have to let go of lofty ideals and just do the basic tasks we need to survive. Even though interior design is not normally classified as a survival skill, as today’s guest says, “We all deserve beauty.” It’s true. We do. I’m joined by Katie Soro, a vintage dealer and artist who decided to start a new kind of interior design to fuel her passion for vintage and helping people find, curate, see, and experience beauty. Let’s dive deeper into this important topic.   Show Highlights:  ●      Why function AND beauty can coexist—and you deserve them both in your home ●      The first step in decorating your home: Don’t think about what others will say; there is NO wrong way to do it. ●      How a lifeless, inanimate thing can be beautiful and bring creativity to your home ●      How thrifting and antiquing allow you to curate your own style that speaks to you ●      Why beauty in interior design comes from the feelings we get from beautiful things ●      Katie’s practical tips for home design: (Keep in mind that there is NO right way to do it.) ●      Start with a room by considering the mood and function you want in that room. ●      Use lighting to set the mood and be functional for tasks. ●      Use wall art, and remember that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. ●      Katie’s tips for finding design inspiration: Think outside the box, use Pinterest, don’t be afraid to try and fail more than once, and start thrifting to find unique pieces that speak to you.   Resources and Links: Connect with Katie Saro: Website, Instagram, The Art of Vintage TV Show (Magnolia Network and Discovery+) Mentioned in this episode: www.shopgoodwill.com Connect with KC: Website, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Get KC’s book, How to Keep House While Drowning We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on our website: www.strugglecare.com/promo-codes
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