54: Decolonizing Parenting with Yolanda Williams
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We are exploring the world of parenthood today, but this episode might be helpful even for those who aren’t parents. We are all in some process of trying to reparent ourselves, and it can be healing to hear how people are parenting, how they are failing, and why they want to do better. I’m joined by Yolanda Williams, who has built the Parenting Decolonized brand. She is a single mom, a conscious parenting coach, and a racial justice educator. Join us to learn more! Show Highlights:  ●      Why sleep and parenting is a no-win situation for parents: the essence of the co-sleep vs. sleep train debate ●      Why parents have to figure out when their child is dysregulated and what works best for them–even if goes against “the rules” ●      How parents can learn about their triggers and how they project those triggers into the world ●      Why we don’t understand the fears, shame, and motivation that cause other parents to do what they do ●      How Yolanda feels about the parent-coaching industry ●      How Yolanda has built an intentional community in the absence of the ancestral village ●      How capitalism and racism have infiltrated our parenting techniques ●      Why Yolanda is working to form an intentional village community where parents help each other with whatever their “privilege” is ●      How to start decolonizing your parenting ●      What we should teach our kids about violence, restraint, bullying, and self-defense ●      A look at Yolanda’s recent parenting “wins”   Resources and Links: Connect with Yolanda Williams: Website, Parenting Decolonized podcast, and Instagram Connect with KC: Website, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Get KC’s book, How to Keep House While Drowning We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on our website: www.strugglecare.com/promo-codes
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