64: Love is Blind and Toxic Relationships, Part 1 with Emily Rose
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If you are an avid Love is Blind watcher, you will definitely relate to this episode. If you haven’t watched the show, we will catch you up on the structure of the show and why it is so fascinating as a study in relationships, both healthy and toxic. Emily and I both made lists of relationship red flags that we noticed in Love is Blind, and we are discussing those and how they relate to real-life relationships. As a disclaimer, I know that reality TV is heavily edited and that everything is contextual. We don’t know these people personally, so please take our opinions with a grain of salt. Join us!   Show Highlights: ●      A look at Izzy and Stacey’s relationship—and the red flags on both sides of this polarizing couple ●      A Red Flag: Teasing and comments about appearance ○      What to watch out for: In early dating relationships, look out for how quick someone is to tease you about your physical appearance. ●      A Red Flag: When someone doesn’t have the emotional skill set to hold space for past trauma, mistakes, and vulnerability ○      What to watch out for: Someone who wants to establish their moral superiority to hold the power in the relationship. ●      A Red Flag: When someone’s enjoyment of me decreases if I’m not sexually attractive to them ○      What to watch out for: Someone who shuts down when you don’t look your best. ●      A Red Flag: Fake intimacy defending itself as “honesty” in disclosing vulnerabilities that are hurtful to their partner ○      What to watch out for: Someone who is emotionally immature about what intimacy and vulnerability mean in a monogamous relationship ●      The nuances of financial stability in a relationship–and who should pay for dates ●      Factors that determine compatibility in a relationship–and why that matters so much   Resources and Links: Connect with Emily Rose: Instagram and Podcast Connect with KC: Website, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Get KC’s book, How to Keep House While Drowning We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on our website: www.strugglecare.com/promo-codes.
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