Harman finally did it! They have released their first colour film. PHOENIX 200.  If you haven't done so yet, watch the YouTube Video where we do a deep-dive and review this film.   Also for those Super 8 lovers, we briefly discuss Kodak releasing their long-awaited Super 8 camera. We discuss the implications of the high price tag and give our thoughts on who we think Kodak was targeting for this market.
Published 12/01/23
Alex Nelson, the photographer for the hit TV Show 'Destination Fear', shares his stories of being a paranormal television production photographer on Discovery+ and The Travel Channel. Alex Nelson works with Dakota Laden on the paranormal television show "Destination Fear" creating ghostly portraits of the crew and cast. Watch Destination Fear on Discovery+ Follow Alex Nelson on Instagram: @alexraynelson Twitter: @alexraynelson    
Published 05/18/22
Bill sits down with photographers Chris Greer and Jason Clemmons, to discuss their new show on Georgia Public Broadcast for photographers and adventurers. Chris and Jason travel throughout Georgia capturing the outdoor beauty while entertaining viewers with a fully unscripted, upbeat adventure show. Learn more about the show: https://viewfindersontv.com/about-the-show/ Chris Greer: https://instagram.com/chrisgreerphotography Jason Clemmons: https://instagram.com/jmcartisticphotography ...
Published 04/19/22
I know it's been a hot minute since the last recording. I give an update on the future of the podcast. Why the Radio Silence Retail Price of Gold 200 The Future of the Podcast
Published 03/23/22
UK-based photographer Izzie Farr, guests on the show to discuss how she identified a lack of diversity in the images Kodak curates on their social media site and how the letter titled, 'Dear Kodak' went viral throughout the film photography community.
Published 10/11/21
Documentary Photographer Patrick Wack travels to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region to document China's westward expansion into Central Asia. Upon learning the mass incarceration and human rights violations of the Uyghur people, Patrick returns to Xinjiang to photograph the second part of his book, 'DUST.'
Published 08/12/21
Kodak removes photojournalist Pat Wack, photo from their Instagram account after upsetting the Chinese Communist Government when describing the images from his upcoming photo book, 'DUST,' as an Orwellian Dystopia. The photographic community is angered by the action. We break down what happened and try to make sense of Kodak's reasoning for taking the photo down. 
Published 07/29/21
Jordana, Steven, and Bill meet back up to discuss the photo news and Bill shares his experience interviewing and photographing Clyde Butcher.
Published 07/20/21
Negative Supply is back on the show to shed some new light on the long-awaited meter: The LM1 light meter. AJ and Saxon join the show to discuss their third Kickstarter and what it took to get launching a new product. Read the article at Studio C-41!
Published 07/19/21
Support Studio C-41 by shopping at KEH Camera using our affiliate link, studioc41.net/keh. By using this link, we make a small commission that helps this show produce this content. Thanks to the gas shortage crisis, Jordana, Steven, and Bill were supposed to meet at the studio to record in person for the first time since lockdown. However, one last remote recording can't hurt. Polaroid is running circles in product announcements and Portra 800 and ColorPlus 200 get an upgrade.
Published 05/19/21
Photographer Wesley Verhoeve joins the podcast to discuss his Photo Book, "Notice." We learn about Wesley growing up learning photography from his father. We then dive into learning how COVID-19 changed his photography, traveling worldwide, meeting and photographing people. Now, social distancing in suburban Amsterdam, Wesley challenged himself to look differently in areas we would once consider ordinary.
Published 04/22/21
We kick off the episode with a terrible Ko-fi advertisement and a special announcement where Alex Luyckx, of the Classic Camera Revival Podcast, joins us as the senior writer and editor studioc41.net website. We learn a little about Alex and why we are bringing him on board. Lastly, We dive into discussing if "creativity" can be taught. We also discuss what influences creativity and how we, as artists, create barriers for ourselves in expressing that creativity.
Published 02/17/21
Mark Rossi of Due North Leather Goods joins Studio C-41 for a one-on-one interview to discuss his love of photography and leather crafting and how they share similarities. We learn his process in selecting and creating leather straps.
Published 02/09/21
The gang is back together! Well... Sorta. Bill and Jordana meet to record in the studio while Steven connects remotely to record our first podcast episode together in nearly a year!  We discuss some of Studio C-41 news, recent new projects in the Studio for a CineStill Film ECN-2 project. We discuss our Kodak video we finally published and has gained 40k views! Lastly, we discuss FujiFilm's decision to pull the plug on Pro 400H.
Published 02/03/21
When Kodak announced the end of Kodachrome, Dwayne's Photo was instantly thrown to an international stage as the last lab to process Kodachrome. For the 10th anniversary of the last rolls of Kodachrome to be commercially processed, we invite Derek and Josh Carter, grandsons to Dwayne, and new owners to the multi-generation family business to share stories of the final days of Kodachrome and discuss the roller coaster ride of the renewed interest in film photography.
Published 01/13/21
Analog Talk, Classic Camera Revival, and Negative Positives Podcast join Studio C-41 for an epic, 2-hour, roundtable episode. We look back on the challenges we faced and discuss our accomplishments through an unprecedented time for our society. Many of us are including YouTube into our lineup of media and discuss our hopes with the podcast and channel for 2021. 
Published 12/20/20
Valoi co-founder, Arild Basmo, joins us to discuss their debut Kickstarter product, their new camera scanner, the Valoi 360. We learn a little about Arild, how he got into photography and how a student in his last year of university, studying linguistics, is pivoting into building a new business.
Published 12/16/20
Michael Behlen, Founder of Analog Forever Magazine, joins us to discuss the importance zines have in documenting contemporary photographers. We discuss the importance of a photographer sharing their thoughts, experiences, and the meaning behind their work. If no story is left behind, it is only left up to interpretation.
Published 11/30/20
Joe Greer first attending bible college with the intention to become a pastor, never expected to go into photography. However, using applications like Instagram and working at VSCO altered his path to becoming one of the most influential photographers in the film photography community. We discuss Joe's journey to New York City and his move to Nashville, which led to him publishing his sold-out photobook 'nyc... i love you.'
Published 11/23/20
Dan Rubin is no stranger to the film photography community. Working as a successful digital and printed designer, he implements both film and digital photography into his professional workflow. We discuss how a working photographer's hybrid workflow looks like and how shooting on film saves him money.
Published 11/16/20
Coined as the "Ansel Adams" of the Everglades, Clyde Butcher is known for his amazing photography captured in the Everglades National Park in Florida. Clyde shares his story of how he got into photography and how he broke into a market that allowed photographic art to hang up in every household in America. He tells his heartbreaking story, which leads to a transition into being a primarily black and white photographer.
Published 10/19/20
Processing motion picture film at home has been a bit of a mystery. Access to chemistry in small quantities has left a gap in home processing. We have Jeremy Saltry of QWD Lab to talk about bringing ECN-2 home processing to the household and demystifying processing motion picture film.
Published 07/13/20
Brandon and Brian Wright, founders of CineStill Film, spent more than a year and a half reformulating the E-6 recipe after Kodak EKTACHROME E100 was released. Now, CineStill Film has brought 3 developers drastically different E-6 developers to a hungry film photography market
Published 05/19/20
Bill, Jordana, Steven, & Emre meet virtually for a podcast episode. We discuss how we've been doing the quarantine and what we have been doing to stay creative. We discuss the latest photo news and provide some updates on projects Studio C-41 has been working on! Join the Studio C-41 Facebook Group for our virtual hangouts. We plan to hold a weekly Zoom hangout.
Published 04/23/20