the importance of boredom, a talk with emma
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i came to the conclusion the other day that i need to allow myself to be bored more often. this is not a new conversation for us here on anything goes. i have talked about this before, but i've come to the conclusion again recently that i'm not bored enough. and i know that being bored is important because, through life experience, i've noticed that times of boredom have led me to do incredible things. so today i want to get into why i think boredom is important. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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[video available on spotify] this is a very full circle moment because today i'm bringing on the two people i spoke to when i went on my very first podcast, cody ko and kelsey kreppel. cody is the host of the podcast insanely chill, and kelsey hosts the podcast, circle time. they are truly some...
Published 05/30/24
when you're young, birthdays are exciting because it means that you're unlocking new, adult activities. you're unlocking new mature responsibilities. this year, i turned 23 and realized that's over for me. depending on who you are, birthdays after a certain point can become even more exciting or...
Published 05/26/24