For our seventh anniversary, Team SubSelfie.com takes a walk down memory lane and does an introspection on their romance with journalism and writing and their heartbreaks over it.
Published 07/19/21
Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago shares her perspectives on the issues the Filipino youth is facing, months away to the 2022 elections.
Published 05/17/21
Social media was the unprecedented battleground during the 2016 elections. Only months away to electing the next president of the Republic, how can we save ourselves from the digital platforms that are both boon and bane?
Published 05/03/21
These are uncertain and tumultuous times for the Philippine media. We try to unpack some pressing issues with newly-elected NUJP chairman Jonathan de Santos.
Published 04/16/21
Many of our youth have been bewitched by popular fiction glamorizing witchcraft and wizardry, but should they dabble in it? A former witch shares her experience.
Published 04/01/21
A year into the coronavirus pandemic we look back to ask ourselves, ‘Kumusta ka na?’ A discussion on mental health and surviving the world’s longest quarantine.
Published 03/15/21
Published 03/15/21
The youth has been dubbed the "Selfie generation," and it comes with both positive and negative connotations. In this episode, we introduce you to the SubSelfie Podcast, as we attempt to take back what it means to be millennials and Gen Z's. 
Published 03/14/21