Tactical Rewind - The top 3 Tactical Tuesdays of 2020 from SunCast!
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We wanted to add a different touch to this Tactical Tuesday, so we thought “why not create a rewind with the Top 3 Tactical Tuesdays of 2020?”. The first episode will disseminate practical advice on fundraising for solar start-ups by the hand of Josh Beck of BCI Technology Investments. Why do startups fail to raise capital? Josh and his team know the answer to this question! The second episode includes an in-depth look at the ins and outs of building a project that incorporates a massive battery component to the equation. We'll understand how and why folks are able to monetize and deploy these battery systems: the answer is resource adequacy. That’s why I brought my friend Will Mitchell, Director of Origination for the Western U.S. of Strata Solar, to walk us through these questions. The third segment is worth giving a listen especially if you are about to get a new job or if you yourself are hiring others onto your team. We brought PXiSE’s Hannah Greene and her 30/60/90 framework plan for successfully onboarding new team members. Remember you can always find the resources and learn more about today’s guest, recommendations, book links, and more than 370 other founder stories and startup advice at www.mysuncast.com. Text Nico and start a conversation! +1 (310) 634-1780 Gain access to all the show notes & resources from this episode here You can connect with me, Nico Johnson, on Twitter, LinkedIn or email
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