A serial entrepreneurs approach to simplifying solar, with Aviv Shalgi, CEO of Solar Simplified
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Today's entrepreneur is Aviv Shalgi. He has several successful M&A VC investments and joint ventures under his belt, in addition to two successful startups prior to his current venture, Solar Simplified. Aviv has been a mentor and advisor to many entrepreneurs, startups, investors, VCs, nonprofits, and is a captain in the Israeli Defense Force or IDF, as many call it the eyes in the sky. We'll talk a little bit about that, as we get into today's episode of how he is simplifying solar and challenging the status quo. Remember you can always find the resources and learn more about today’s guest, recommendations, book links, and more than 370 other founder stories and startup advice at www.mysuncast.com. Text Nico and start a conversation! +1 (310) 634-1780 Gain access to all the show notes & resources from this episode here You can connect with me, Nico Johnson, on Twitter, LinkedIn or email
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