Maroosia and Father Frost
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This wintery Russian fairy tale told by Emily Hennessey has a stepmother and 2 stepsisters and a sort of prince who is all sparkly, but he’s definitely not the kind of prince you’d want to marry. And is there a fairy godmother? Have a listen and see what you think? See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Published 05/13/22
In this week's Native American story, Coyote, (half-dog, half-wolf, half- god) is full of questions. He climbs to the heavens seeking answers from the Creator, and surprises himself by creating something himself. Listen to storyteller Emily Hennessey to find out what, and how and why.
Published 05/13/22
A Long time ago in Nigeria, people enjoyed eating the sky. But what happened when they ate too much? Listen to this thoughtful story from Kate Corkery and find out.
Published 05/06/22