How Raven Brought Light to the World
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In this story which is both a bird tale AND a trickster tale, The Raven uses his magical powers to pull a trick and get hold of something he wants. But, does he get it all his own way? Listen to Tiernan Douieb telling this traditional story from the Haida people to find out.
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Published 09/23/22
Do you know what the Welsh flag has on it and why it came to be like it is? Storyteller and Comedian Tiernan Douieb tells us the story behind the Welsh flag.
Published 09/23/22
The Queen has died, so her son becomes the new King. But who will tell the King stories at bedtime now that the Queen has gone? In this moving story from Scotland retold by storyteller Amy Douglas, we hear about the King's quest to find a new storyteller - with an upbeat twist at the end of the...
Published 09/18/22