TV Previews-Loki, Sweet Tooth, MODOK
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Superhero content is still as popular as it ever has been. New shows and movies are constantly being announced which means we have a lot to discuss. Listen in as we give your our thoughts on Hulu's MODOK and Netflix's Sweet Tooth. We also rant about our thoughts and theories on the upcoming Loki tv show! check it out!
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The Suicide Squad comes out in just a few weeks so we decided to breakdown each character. We discuss each characters origins, skillset, and who we think will meet an unfortunate end. Check out our preview of The Suicide Squad!
Published 07/27/21
The Loki tv series has made a huge impact on the MCU. We discuss the final 2 episodes of the season including easter eggs, comic book origins, and potential future MCU projects. Check out our full review of the Loki tv series! (
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This week we discuss the upcoming Batgirl movie, Titans season 3, Marvel's What If, Blade, MCU phase four, comic books, and more! We have a lot to say this week and we can assure you its worth the listen!
Published 07/20/21