This podcast will look at the future of how order management will evolve from simply executing orders to truly optimizing how to best serve your customer. Listen as Guy Courtin and Tim Nelson discuss what to anticipate with the evolution of order management: next generation optimization rather than simply execution of orders. The cost to serve a customer will become more important than simply the cost to fulfill.
Published 06/28/19
Published 06/28/19
In this podcast, Infor’s Guy Courtin and Christine Barnhart discuss how manufacturers are adopting learnings from B2C supply chains to be more responsive to end customer needs. From AI and machine learning to greater digitization of the supply chain, modern manufacturers must become more nimble and responsive—creating a true multi-enterprise network to meet their customers’ needs.
Published 06/14/19
In this episode, Guy Courtin speaks with Rachel Grogan of Burton Snowboards to discuss how the winter sports giant leverages its supply chain in today’s consumer-led world. As Burton faces challenges from planning to supplier collaboration to sustainability, it’s the supply chain they count on to score that perfect 10.
Published 05/31/19
Supply chain has come a long way in the nine years and nearly 180 episodes since Supply Chain Radio began. And while some roads end, many others continue to grow. In Matt Gunn’s final episode as host of Supply Chain Radio, we take a look back at the evolution of supply chain since this show began, while looking forward to a bright future of global connectivity. Guy Courtin and Jenny Reese join in to offer their thoughts on the road ahead.
Published 04/27/19
After several years and much debate, Great Britain is on the brink of leaving the European Union. And while politicians are still pursuing a final deal on Brexit, manufacturers and retailers are planning for the worst. In this episode, Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin take a look at how businesses are preparing for any unexpected curve these new trade laws might throw their way, and whether the right mix of technology, innovation, and inventory might help keep the supply chain safe.
Published 04/05/19
Customers want it fast, they want it free, and they want it cheap. And when the order isn’t quite right, they often want to send it back. Especially in the world of e-commerce. While online shopping has been a boon to brands, retailers, and consumers alike, it also has a dark side: returns. By some estimates, returns will cost U.S. companies as much as $550 billion by 2020. And perhaps no part of the business will bear the burden more than the supply chain. In this episode, SEKO Logistics’...
Published 03/08/19
The process of managing a product’s lifecycle has come a long way since the days of Excel spreadsheets. Or has it? In this episode, Stan Pryzbylinski, vice president of research at CIMdata joins Matt Gunn and Jenny Reese to discuss how PLM software has evolved in the world of manufacturing, and how its role in keeping teams across the supply chain on the same page.
Published 02/22/19
To err is human. To keep the global supply chain running, divine. Supply chain risk isn’t limited to black swan events like fires, floods and hurricanes. Many of the challenges businesses face are the result of human factors as well. Whether it’s something caused internally, or big changes to policies and regulations (Brexit, U.S.-China tariffs, etc.), these man-made issues can be just as disruptive as the largest storm. In this episode of Supply Chain Radio, Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin discuss...
Published 02/15/19
Nine times out of 10, consumers buy things for a reason. Whether putting together an outfit for a special occasion, or planning a DIY project at home, there’s generally some context within the buyer’s journey. But that context isn’t often reflected in stores or e-commerce, where product locations and assortments don’t always reflect a customer’s intended use. Michelle Bacharach, CEO and cofounder of FindMine joins SCR to discuss how putting products in context can improve consumer experiences...
Published 02/08/19
Everywhere you look, the supply chain is ripe for innovation. And as age-old challenges inspire new thinking about products, process, and labor, a new generation of technologists bring fresh ideas to the plate. In this episode, Forge CEO Stacey Ferreira, Simplista CEO Evan Silver, and retired GT Nexus founder Kurt Cavano join Matt Gunn to talk about the next wave of talent coming into the supply chain.
Published 01/25/19
How will you manage your global supply chain now and in the future? Heidi Benko joins Guy Courtin to discuss the evolution of digital technology, multi-enterprise supply chain networks, and what happens when artificial intelligence meets the physical and financial flow of goods.
Published 01/11/19
A pioneer in multi-enterprise supply chain business networks, Kurt Cavano has spent much of his career reshaping how businesses manage global trade. On his retirement from Infor GT Nexus, Cavano sat down with Matt Gunn to reflect on how far technology has come in the last 20 years, and to look ahead to what’s next for the industry.
Published 01/04/19
After a year that saw unexpected innovations, disruptions, and new policies and tariffs, can we truly predict what’s ahead for the global supply chain in 2019? We’ll certainly try. In the final episode of 2018, Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin gaze into the crystal ball to gauge what the near future will bring to the world of supply chain, and whether businesses are better prepared to sense and respond to the many unexpected changes that happen each day.
Published 12/21/18
Most businesses only have access to about 20% of the data in their supply chains. What about the rest? The other 80% is locked away in the systems of the suppliers, trading partners, and other stakeholders enterprises rely on to make and move their goods. In this episode, GT Nexus’ Dave Morgan joins Guy Courtin to discuss what happens when enterprises fully connect their supply chains, and how good data management leads to enhanced supply chain visibility and provides the raw materials needed...
Published 12/14/18
Journal of Commerce editor Eric Johnson returns to Supply Chain Radio to discuss the International Maritime Organization's new maritime emissions rules and their potential effect on the global supply chain when the regulations go into effect in 2020.
Published 12/07/18
New tariffs, Brexit, escalating trade tensions. There's no shortage of drama in the global supply chain. In this episode, American Shipper Editor Ben Meyer joins Guy Courtin to discuss a supply chain in flux, and how big businesses are working to keep the supply chain rolling in turbulent times.
Published 11/16/18
For manufacturers, strong supplier relationships and a technology backbone that supports visibility and collaboration in the supply chain are critical. Bray International Global ERP Director Giuseppe Robbiano joins Matt Gunn to discuss how his company is leveraging modern technology to manage inventory, build stronger supplier connections, leverage data, and help its employees maximize their potential throughout the global supply chain.
Published 11/09/18
Digital transformation has been a common buzzword in the enterprise world for several years. But what does that really mean? And how can digital transformation of the supply chain elevate it from a back office function into a competitive advantage for businesses? Bernie Desmarais and Matt Simonsen join Matt Gunn to define terms and discuss how technology companies and leading enterprises are turning digital transformation into a reality.
Published 11/02/18
It's no secret enterprises see room for improvement across their complex global supply chains. But where will innovation happen next? IDC research manager Victoria Brown joins Guy Courtin to explore major trends in supply chain.
Published 10/26/18
A decades old technology, EDI has long provided an electronic link between businesses and suppliers. But while supply chain collaboration tools have evolved, many businesses still use EDI the same way. Orderful CEO Erik Kiser joins Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin to discuss how he's working to evolve the space.
Published 10/12/18
The third-party logistics industry lives and dies by its ability to provide top-notch supply chain services to its customers. In this episode of Supply Chain Radio, Vickie Burton, head of implementation and systems, global supply chain solutions at CEVA Logistics joins Matt Gunn and Mike Riegler to discuss how her company combines supply chain expertise and revolutionary technologies to gain a competitive edge.
Published 10/05/18
Supply chain management has evolved, and today organizations increasingly collaborate with their broader ecosystem via fully-connected business networks. In this episode, Bryan Nella joins Matt Gunn to discuss the network effect and explore what's on the horizon as more enterprises use their supply chain data to predict the future. 
Published 09/14/18
Cost, complexity and increasing trade tensions have businesses rethinking the breadth of their supply chains. Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin discuss a recent report detailing the move toward greater localization, and take a look at the technologies enterprises rely on to adapt to the changing boundaries of business.
Published 09/07/18
One of the first topics we ever covered on Supply Chain Radio was the Internet of Things. We examined its promise and imagined what it could do for supply chains. Now, three years later, we ask the uncomfortable question, "So, where is this going?" Listen as Suhas Sreedhar and Matt Gunn discuss the state of ultra-hyped technologies like IoT and blockchain, and why moving on from them might not be such a bad thing.
Published 08/24/18