Taylor recaps each of the four series from the second round. He looks at each player's points/75 and relative shooting efficiency compared to the series they played in
Published 05/24/24
Published 05/24/24
Taylor Wyman touches on each series in the second round
Published 05/12/24
Taylor ranks the top 10 scorers with the help of his modern playoff scoring run app. Link to the app: https://shorturl.at/fsAL3
Published 05/08/24
Taylor discusses the 10 things he learned watching the first round of the playoffs
Published 05/05/24
Taylor Wyman explains what went wrong for the Lakers and Suns and gets you up to speed on the rest of the playoff series
Published 05/01/24
Taylor reacts to how the first round is unfolding
Published 04/25/24
Taylor gives his picks for every matchup in the first round
Published 04/21/24
Taylor goes over the top storylines from each team this season
Published 04/16/24
Taylor Wyman had Filippos Polyzos on to explain their new app, "Modern Playoff Scoring Runs". It lets you compare the greatest scoring runs since 2000 adjusting for scoring environment The app: https://filippos-pol.shinyapps.io/modern-playoff-scoring-runs/
Published 04/13/24
Taylor Wyman uses analytics to determine the DPOY and ROY the year races
Published 04/11/24
Taylor Wyman presents the best case for each MVP candidate using the latest analytics
Published 04/07/24
Taylor makes his case for why FG% is the most useless stat in basketball. Then he ranks the importance of every box score stat
Published 04/03/24
Taylor Wyman uses Adjusted Big Time Scoring to find the top 10 scorers this season Use the app for free! https://filippos-pol.shinyapps.io/adjusted-big-time-scoring/
Published 03/31/24
Taylor uses LEBRON WAR to figure out the top 5 best duo's this season
Published 03/28/24
Taylor digs into the Magic's data and finds two key data points that point to the team's success this season.
Published 03/23/24
Taylor talks about Keon Ellis, Payton Pritchard, Vince Willaims Jr, Sam Merrill, and Dean Wade breakout seasons as role players
Published 03/20/24
Taylor uses the box score, analytics, and tape study to determine how good Jalen Williams is right now
Published 03/16/24
Taylor continues to rank the top players in the league. In this ep he covers his B tier of players Read the full article here: https://www.bball-index.com/taylor-wymans-2024-mid-season-player-rankings/
Published 03/12/24
Taylor goes through his A- and B+ tier of players Link to the full article: https://www.bball-index.com/taylor-wymans-2024-mid-season-player-rankings/
Published 03/10/24
Taylor talks through what makes the Nuggets offense so hard to stop. He explains how their shooting, passing, and connection are often overwhelming and how Aaron Gordon is a key piece to their success.
Published 03/06/24
Taylor looks at the best passers in 5 stats this season, volume, quality, efficiency, versatility, and gravity
Published 03/01/24
Taylor covers players ranked in his A tier (6-17) in his mid-season rankings See the entire list here: https://www.bball-index.com/taylor-wymans-2024-mid-season-player-rankings/
Published 02/24/24
Taylor uses advanced luck adjusted net rating to create his February power rankings
Published 02/21/24
Taylor goes through each trade made at the deadline rapid fire style
Published 02/14/24