Rocky (Mountain) High Court
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In this all-new Talking Feds, a terrific panel—Jonathan Capehart, Sadie Gurman, and Jim Walden—join Harry to focus on the two big cases now on appeal and then take up the diminishing prospects for bipartisan action in Congress on immigration.
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A stellar panel of Jason Kander, Carol Lee, and Congressman Eric Swalwell assesses the debates, Haley’s endorsement of Trump, & the swing-state polls.
Published 05/27/24
Published 05/27/24
Lots happening out there, but NY v. Trump remains the main event, and this week we again bring you a roundtable of all new prominent commentators–and all first time @talkingfedspod guests–who have been in and around the court the whole trial.
Published 05/20/24