The science of sweetness
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When he reached the peak of Snowmass Mountain, Fred Bryant made sure the moment lived with him forever. Bryant is a social psychologist and a leading expert on the science of savouring. Later, Shane Sinclair is the founder and director of the Compassion Research Lab at the University of Calgary. He is putting compassion under the microscope to understand how healthcare workers can provide better experiences for their patients.
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In this finale episode of Tapestry, Mary Hynes and co-host Chris Howden send off the show in style with some of our favourite interview moments, well wishes from past guests, and emotional calls from listeners — all in front of a live studio audience.
Published 12/29/23
Published 12/29/23
For Tapestry's penultimate episode, we peek behind the curtain. Tapestry producers Rosie Fernandez, Arman Aghbali, and McKenna Hadley-Burke take the hosting reins to share what the show has meant to them, alongside three stories on unexpected gifts and goodbyes.
Published 12/22/23