Episode #38: @JCOviedo6
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Join TC and Georgia for a Fiesta of Fraud with one of TSLAQ's finest, JC Oviedo, who takes us through Chines reverse mergers, the solar bubble, the spectacularly strange rise-and-fall of Longfin, and of course, Tesla.  
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Published 12/20/20
Join TC and Georgia for Gabriel Grego's return visit to The Chartcast where he discusses the accusations he's made against Penumbra (NYSE: PEN) for releasing a fatally flawed medical device into the market, the company's response, and what is next in...
Published 12/20/20
Join TC and Georgia for the much anticipated interview with MiMedx whistle-blower Mary Armstrong (@grownupbullyh8tr) as she shares the hard-to-believe facts surrounding her discovery of the company's fraudulent practices, the bizarre lengths MiMedx...
Published 12/13/20