Join TC and Georgia for Gabriel Grego's return visit to The Chartcast where he discusses the accusations he's made against Penumbra (NYSE: PEN) for releasing a fatally flawed medical device into the market, the company's response, and what is next in...
Published 12/20/20
Published 12/20/20
Join TC and Georgia for the much anticipated interview with MiMedx whistle-blower Mary Armstrong (@grownupbullyh8tr) as she shares the hard-to-believe facts surrounding her discovery of the company's fraudulent practices, the bizarre lengths MiMedx...
Published 12/13/20
Join TC and Georgia as they engage Zach Abraham,  CIO of Bulwark Capital and host of Know Your Risk Radio, in a wide-ranging discussion covering the wealth management business, bitcoin, Tesla and oil.The Chartcast is listener-supported! Your support for...
Published 12/06/20
Join TC and Georgia for a riveting and all-too-short conversation with Tom Burgis, Financial Times investigative reporter and author of the recently-released Kleptopia: How Dirty Money is Conquering the World.The Chartcast is listener-supported! Your...
Published 11/29/20
Join TC and Georgia as they get to know Michelle Leder, the author of Financial Fine Print and founder of SEC data-scraping service Footnoted. Michelle made a name for herself with her fresh approach to scouring 8ks, related party transaction...
Published 11/22/20
What a year it's been! Join Georgia in revisiting a sample of the show's most memorable moments selected from the 60+ hours of interviews recorded to date. You won't want to miss a single one. Tweet us with some of your favorites that we may have missed...
Published 11/15/20
Join TC and Georgia for a high-energy discussion with Edwin Dorsey (@StockJabber), author of The Bear Cave newsletter, whose enthusiasm for smoking out the bad guys brought him to expose significant risk at Care.com, among many others.The Chartcast is...
Published 11/08/20
Join TC and Georgia for a lively discussion with Business Insider journalist Linette Lopez who shares lessons learned from her early career days in New York politics, how to pin down reluctant targets of investigation, and what she has on the...
Published 11/01/20
Join TC and Georgia for an intimate conversation with Stafford Huyler, the show's co-creator and sound engineer, who shares his brushes with fame in the 1990s as a cartoonist featured in People Magazine and Wired, his ongoing battle with mental illness,...
Published 10/25/20
Join TC and Georgia for a unique interview with Wall Street Journal columnist, Charley Grant, who shares his thoughts on the challenges of the biotech/pharma space in the time of Covid, the biggest miss he's had in assessing Tesla's viability, and what...
Published 10/18/20
Join TC and Georgia for a delightful conversation with the brilliant Matthew Klippenstein (@ElectronComm and evfarm.substack.com), a chemical engineer-turned-writer who brings a unique perspective to understanding EV technologies and the power dynamics...
Published 10/11/20
Join TC and Georgia for an unmatched education in lithium mining, the market dynamics of this critical raw material, and the veracity of Elon Musk's battery day claims with Joe Lowry (@globallithium), industry expert and host of The Global Lithium...
Published 10/04/20
Join TC and Georgia for a great discussion with Ben Hunt on career changes, the future of academia, the power of narrative with regard to Tesla and Nikola, and his call to action on COVID.
Published 09/27/20
Join TC and Georgia in a discussion with short seller Fraser Perring of Viceroy Research on the explosive report his firm published last week accusing German company Grenke of corporate malfeasance and fraud.
Published 09/20/20
Join TC and Georgia as they soak up the wisdom of fintwit legend, John W. B. Rich.
Published 09/13/20
Join TC and Georgia for Part Two of this explosive interview with Tesla whistleblower, Karl Hansen.
Published 08/30/20
Join TC and Georgia for Part One of this explosive interview with Tesla whistleblower, Karl Hansen.
Published 08/30/20
TC and Georgia get to know Vicki Bryan (@VickiBryanBondA), well-respected credit analyst and CEO of the Bond Angle, through her career raising the flag on risk in pharma, WeWork, and ultimately, Tesla. 
Published 08/23/20
Join TC and Georgia as they interview Ken Klippenstein, reporter for The Nation, to discuss the strategy of making successful FOIA requests, his latest reporting on DHS border control agents in Portland, and his infamous Twitter tangles with Elon Musk.
Published 08/16/20
Join TC and Georgia for a Fiesta of Fraud with one of TSLAQ's finest, JC Oviedo, who takes us through Chines reverse mergers, the solar bubble, the spectacularly strange rise-and-fall of Longfin, and of course, Tesla.  
Published 08/09/20
TC and Georgia welcome famed investor Marc Cohodes for a no-holds-barred conversation on facing an FBI raid in the pursuit of justice for MiMedx, chasing down Wirecard, the trouble with shorting Tesla, and going long on Overstock and Camping World.
Published 08/02/20
TC and Georgia chat with FinTwit stalwart, @DonutShorts, about the days of reviewing SEC filings on microfiche, the character of the Wirecard fraud, and his r'aison d'être in $TSLAQ.
Published 07/26/20
Join TC and Georgia as Trevor Milton, executive chairman of the high-flying company Nikola, sits down for a wide-ranging interview that lasted nearly two hours. With abundant energy and genuine enthusiasm, Milton fielded all questions head on. In an era...
Published 07/17/20
TC and Georgia welcome friend of the show Grant Williams back for a Mike Green mutual admiration session, a fresh look at gold through the 2020 lens, and a catch up on the Tesla shenanigans at the ATH.
Published 07/12/20