TC and Georgia chat with Ryan Doherty, professional beach volleyball player and CFA candidate, on the life of a pro athlete, living as a Tesla skeptic in California, and how he's approaching a major life transition as he "ages out" of professional sports.
Published 07/05/20
Join TC and Georgia as Francine McKenna returns to the show for a deep discussion into the myriad conflicts of interest held by SEC commissioner, Jay Clayton, and evidence of possible influence in the enforcement agenda of this most important regulator...
Published 06/28/20
Join TC and Georgia for a chat with Tommy Thornton, publisher of Hedge Fund Telemetry, about surviving an FBI raid, being attacked by Elon on Twitter, and the #DDTG phenomenon.
Published 06/21/20
Join TC and Georgia for a master class in activist short selling with accomplished fraud hound, Gabriel Grego, chairman and CEO of Quintessential Capital Management.
Published 06/14/20
TC and Georgia welcome Russ Mitchell, LA Times reporter on the EV/Tesla beat, to discuss the state of journalism, engaging with short sellers as a reporter, and defending the 1st amendment.
Published 06/07/20
TC and Georgia are joined by Roddy Boyd, accomplished investigative reporter, to discuss the state of financial media today and his case for calling out fraud at the German "technology darling" Wirecard.
Published 06/01/20
Join TC and Georgia for a spirited chit chat with professional trader Tracy Shuchart, widely known as @chigrl, on taking career risks, boiler rooms, oil and energy markets, and what to look for in the coming quarters.
Published 05/26/20
Join TC and Georgia for this epic discussion with Francine McKenna, author of re: The Auditors, as they delve into the incentive and opportunity for corporate malfeasance enabled by conflicts of interest between shareholders, corporate managers,...
Published 05/17/20
Join TC and Georgia to go behind the bright lights of Lux Capital with founder Josh Wolfe who talks frankly about his ruptured upbringing, the role of luck and grit, and culling the truth from fiction in futuristic technology claims (ahem, autonomy).
Published 05/11/20
Join TC and Georgia in discussing the Q1 2020 "shenanigans" with analyst extraordinaire, Luis Carruthers.
Published 05/06/20
Tune in to hear @phoennix10, TSLAQ's resident manufacturing expert, share with TC and Georgia the harrowing, hopeful tale of his family's escape from Vietnam during the fall of Saigon.
Published 04/29/20
Listen in on the lively discussion TC and Georgia recorded with Kuppy (@hkuppy), the accomplished hedge-fund investor known for bold, contrarian calls, on the day after his prediction for oil came true in an historic run to negative territory. 
Published 04/23/20
Montana returns for our 21st episode to discuss ventilators, lawsuits, and life beyond Tesla.
Published 04/20/20
TC and Georgia get a glimpse into the magic that makes Tony Greer such a success in the financial markets, only to learn that when it comes to magic, there's no substitute for experience.
Published 04/13/20
Join TC and Georgia for an in-depth discussion with "Andy," a former CDC official, on the US response to Covid-19, the role of the CDC under this administration, and a sobering outlook for the remainder of the year.
Published 04/09/20
The Chartcast is back with an in-depth discussion with the fascinating @tomi (Tomi Kovanen), accomplished professional gamer and investor, on the economics of gaming, the psychology of lying, and the future of connectivity after an unprecedented global...
Published 04/03/20
Join TC and Georgia as they talk with brave whistleblower, Anna Watson (@pac_watson), a physician's assistant who is calling attention to the shameful practices taking place at the Tesla on-site plant clinic despite the personal toll.
Published 03/25/20
Come get a lesson in heart, soul, discipline and success from UFC fighter and derivatives trader, Nik Lentz.
Published 03/18/20
TC and Georgia chat with Roger Barris, @EconomicManBlog, about macroeconomic policy in the age of the unicorn, the experience of running for public office as a libertarian, and his time working alongside Steven Mnuchin.
Published 03/17/20
Join TC and Georgia as they delve into all things SEC with securities law expert and popular TSLAQ community member, B Graham Disciple.
Published 03/11/20
This episode is for the hosts.
Published 03/04/20
TC and Georgia explore SpaceX with fellow skeptic and space-enthusiast, John Engle, Almington Capital Merchant Bankers, who also gives us a flavor of what is driving smart cannabis investing in the modern era.
Published 02/26/20
Ride along as TC and Georgia chat with Machine Planet, the pioneer of TSLAQ fundamental research-by-sky.
Published 02/19/20
TC and Georgia go behind the scenes on John DeLorean - his personality, motivations, eventual downfall, and of course, his car that fascinated the nation - with the producer of Framing John DeLorean, Tamir Ardon.
Published 02/12/20
Published 02/05/20