Tech Life in Barcelona
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MWC in Barcelona is a big global mobile phone industry event. Shiona McCallum is there for Tech Life, looking out for new tech and innovations which could impact our lives. This year, wearable tech is attracting alot of attention. Also in this edition, we want to know your top tips for fixing tech problems. (Photo: Shiona McCallum tries the AI Pin at MWC in Barcelona. Credit: BBC)
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This week on Tech Life we are looking at the problem of space junk, the man-made debris hurtling around our planet. Could it threaten some of the everyday tech we all rely on? Also this week, don't you just hate it when stuff doesn't work? Are internet and social media outages becoming more...
Published 04/09/24
Published 04/09/24
The internet plays an important role in most of our lives today. What will it, and other tech, look like in the future ? We take a long view with a veteran of the tech industry. Also on Tech Life this week, some of the biggest social media platforms have been accused of obstructing information on...
Published 04/02/24