E14: VOICES: is that ME? Anxiety? or GOD? — Identifying & Managing the Different Voices in Your Head & Spirit.
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In this episode, Tarek provides a perspective shift for the different voices that live in your head. The voice that tells you that you aren't good enough, to the voice that tells you to go after that dream, to the voice that tells you it'll never get better. Tarek gives tools to identify these different voices, and how to manage them moving forward. 0:00-2:54 How to Heal with this podcast 2:54 Discovering The VOICE OF SPIRIT Within 7:00 The MANY VOICES in our Head 10:00 IDENTIFYING the Different VOICES 11:46 IGNORING VOICES 15:05 RESPONDING to VOICES & Building a Relationship 17:24 How to AMPLIFY a VOICE 19:19 How to do THE WORK
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The labyrinth of personal healing is often clouded with the shame and secrecy of our deepest struggles. Embark with me, Tarek Ali, as I traverse the raw and intimate pathways of my own self-discovery, laying bare the battles with anxiety and the transformative power of returning to one's roots....
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