Season break - best practices of top coaches | EP#314
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In this episode, coaches Helle Frederiksen, Philipp Seipp and Emma Carney each give their perspective and recommendations on whether you should take a season break, and how to go about it.    IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: -Why (or why not) you should take a season break -How long should a season break be?  -Does a season break mean complete rest, or can you do some exercise or physical activity?  -Differences between pros and age-groupers when it comes to the season break   SHOWNOTES:   SCIENTIFIC TRIATHLON AND THAT TRIATHLON SHOW WEBPAGE:   SPONSORS: Precision Hydration - Want to optimise your performance in hot or humid conditions, avoid cramping, and make sure your hydration is on point? Take PH's free online Sweat Test to get personalised hydration strategy. Also use the Quick Carb Calculator to get fueling recommendations, and book a free one-on-one consultation to refine your hydration and fueling strategy. Use the promo code THATTRIATHLONSHOW15 to get 15% off your first order of PH electrolytes or the Precision Fuel range.   ROKA - Exceptional quality triathlon wetsuits, trisuits, swimskins, goggles, performance sunglasses as well as prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Online vision test for prescription updates and home try-on options available for eyeglasses. Ships from  the US, UK and EU. Trusted by world-leading athletes such as  Lucy Charles-Barclay, Javier Gómez Noya, Flora Duffy, Morgan Pearson, Summer Rappaport and others in triathlon, cycling, speed skating, and many more. Visit for 20% off your order.   LINKS AND RESOURCES: Helle's Twitter, Instagram, and website Philipp's Instagram and website Emma's Twitter, Instagram, and website Training Talk with Helle Frederiksen | EP#279 Philipp Seipp – coach of Sebastian Kienle and Laura Philipp | EP#219 Training Talk with coach Emma Carney (double ITU World Champion) | EP#276   RATE AND REVIEW: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing:   CONTACT: Want to send feedback, questions or just chat? Email me at [email protected] or connect on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
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