Recognizing and Seizing Opportunities With Guest Micheal Farca
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What’s Behind the Open Door “When one door closes, another door opens.” We’ve all heard this saying so many times that it’s practically a cliche. Still, the concept remains true in all aspects of life. Most of the time, when someone tells us to take advantage of an opportunity, they’re talking about a potential relationship, applying for university enrollment, and things like that. Many people don’t realize that the same principle applies to starting a business. Business owners are no different from any other person who took a risk: they recognized an opportunity and capitalized on it. A lot of us haven’t taken business opportunities because we didn’t realize that the benefits outweighed the risk. It’s all about learning to identify a strong business opportunity and seizing it when the time is right. How to Spot a Good Business Opportunity Special guest Michael Farca, businessman, and entrepreneur shares with us his personal experiences with learning how to determine useful business opportunities. In his own words, you don’t even have to be a “go-getter” to build this skill. Knowing how to identify a profitable business venture only requires you to know what to look for. Michael will give us a few pointers on how we’ll be able to know if we’ve stumbled upon a good business opportunity. Follow Michael on Twitter @mfarca for more tips on how to get your business started.
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Summary: When starting a business, it’s important to understand the legal framework you’re working within because not every industry has the same rules. Our guest and owner of three businesses, Michael Farca, has a couple tips for up-and-coming entrepreneurs about how different businesses are...
Published 07/17/17