#780: Quick Hacks to Level Up Your LinkedIn Videos
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In this quick episode, Bill and Bryan provide some tactical tips to help you get started creating high-quality LinkedIn video content in 2024. The guys discuss how to frame your video around solving a specific problem, finding leverage like hiring an intern to help edit and repurpose your videos, being consistent with your process and format, and offering a clear call-to-action. Whether you're new to LinkedIn video or want to step up your game in the new year, this episode will help set you on the path to success. ================================= Want our "Insider Secrets?" Go to http://advancedsellingpodcast.com/insidersecrets to get them right now! The Insider program is open for enrollment. If you have not checked out our small learning group, go to http://advancedsellingpodcast.com/insider to join today! If you haven't already, make sure you join us in our LinkedIn group: http://advancedsellingpodcast.com/linkedin. Looking for more sales training like this podcast? Download our FREE audio program, The Ultimate Pre-Game. http://ultimatepregame.com =================================
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