#783: Building Trust and Rapport in the Digital Age
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In this episode, Bill and Bryan discuss how to build genuine rapport and trust with prospects in a digital selling world. They talk about why rapport starts from within and how to have an authentic intention to understand clients. They also share tips on using tools like Zoom more effectively and ways to create rapport digitally. They guys explore what real trust means, how it's granted, not earned, and why trying too hard to "build rapport" can backfire. They emphasize being sincerely interested in learning about clients as individuals to foster genuine connections. ================================= Want our "Insider Secrets?" Go to http://advancedsellingpodcast.com/insidersecrets to get them right now! The Insider program is open for enrollment. If you have not checked out our small learning group, go to http://advancedsellingpodcast.com/insider to join today! If you haven't already, make sure you join us in our LinkedIn group: http://advancedsellingpodcast.com/linkedin. Looking for more sales training like this podcast? Download our FREE audio program, The Ultimate Pre-Game. http://ultimatepregame.com =================================  
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