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"My name was Argan. My profession: barber-surgeon..." Brussels under the Spanish crown, a cultural melting pot, dignitaries and merchants passing through, and right in the centre of it all, a tall thin building adorned with a golden crest: a phoenix! This is the headquarters of the Guild of Barbers! But do they really offer only moustache waxes and centre partings? Or do they also offer a more nefarious service... Guest episode starring and written by Felix Trench (Wooden Overcoats,...
Published 08/18/23
"Not just any old pirate... Henry Avery! The king of the pirates!" The Interviewer and Kozlowski are travelling on a merchant ship, The Honselaarsdijk, from Holland to the Americas. Three days out from their destination, their ship is attacked by another vessel, which is flying the skull and crossbones... This episode features Toby Williams, Alan Burgon, Hemi Yeroham, Julia C. Thorne, Benjamin Noble, Laurence Owen and Torgny G. Aanderaa. It was written by Lindsay Sharman with story editing...
Published 08/04/23