Published 07/20/18
There are a lot of common concerns that come up when people start exploring their desire for erotic spanking. In this episode of The Art of Erotic Spanking, we address all the common concerns so you can stop worrying and get on with enjoying the pleasures of erotic spanking. In this podcast we address all […]
Published 12/18/13
Published 12/18/13
All sex therapists and sex educators agree: communication is everything! But how do you actually communicate for better sex? In this episode we dive into how to communicate with your lover for maximum pleasure. We cover communication before, during and after an erotic spanking experience. Before a spanking, it is all about communicating about exactly […]
Published 12/18/13
Erotic spanking can be gentle and purely pleasurable. But sometimes, it gets intense! This episode explores how to enjoy more intense spankings. First we explore endorphins, the body’s natural response to intense stimulation. Learn how to access erotic euphoria with erotic spanking! Next we dive into the delicate boundary between pain and pleasure, and share […]
Published 12/17/13
Erotic spanking can be an incredibly arousing experience. This episode explores why it is so arousing, both physically and emotionally, and how to maximize the arousal in your erotic spanking experience. To master the skills of Erotic Spanking, enroll in our online course, Erotic Spanking Mastery.  Sex & Spanking: Who Likes Erotic Spanking? We are […]
Published 12/12/13
In this episode of The Art of Erotic Spanking, we share how to make your erotic spanking fantasies part of your sexual reality. First, we show you how to examine your fantasies to figure out exactly what kind of erotic spanking you want to experience. Then we take you step by step through the process […]
Published 12/10/13
The top 10 reasons people love erotic spanking. To master the skills of erotic spanking, check out The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Erotic Spanking.
Published 12/04/13