How to Use Ethical Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Revenue
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Are you using affiliate marketing for your business?  In this episode of Art of Online Business, I’m sharing some ways that you can use ethical affiliate marketing to grow your revenue for your business. I’m taking you behind the scenes of some affiliate marketing promotions I use and how I promote them.  There are a lot of benefits to adding affiliate marketing to your business and, if done right, it really adds a lot of value to your audience’s lives. You just have to find the right products and be honest about how they helped you and why you think they’ll help your audience too.  By using the tips I share in this episode, you can easily add affiliate marketing to your revenue stream in an ethical way and build even more trust with your audience.  In this episode, you’ll learn: The benefits of affiliate marketingHow to decide what products to become an affiliate forThings to consider before becoming an affiliateHow to market your affiliate offersGiving people the option to opt-out of promotional emailsWhy you need a strong affiliate tracking systemWhat you need to know if people are affiliates for youHow to create really great affiliate relationships Links & Resources: Check out KleqThe Art of Online Business websiteDM me on InstagramVisit my YouTube channelThe Art of Online Business clips on YouTubeFull episodes of The Art of Online Business Podcast on YouTubeThe Art of Online Business Podcast websiteCheck out my Accelerator coaching program *Disclosure: I only recommend products I use and love and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Full show notes available at
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