This week on the Ashley Webster Experience, Ashley is joined by Elizabeth MacDonald, host of FOX Business Network’s "The Evening Edit." Elizabeth talks about her upbringing, how developing spinal meningitis as a child inspired her love of books and reading, and how she got her start as a journalist.
Published 11/20/19
Brad Blakeman, Former Deputy Assistant to George W. Bush, joins the podcast and opens the curtain to show what working with President George W. Bush in the White House was like. Blakeman, one of President Bush’s closest men, details what President Bush was like and how he ran the White House. He tells his experience from 9/11 and the days after, and even talks about his first encounter with then-businessman Donald Trump.
Published 11/05/19
This week features a debate on the future of soccer in the U.S. Ashley debates that soccer is quickly growing into one of the most popular sports and will soon overtake America’s pastime, baseball. But will it every be able to stand up to the NFL, NBA, or MLB?  MLS and overseas professional leagues still trail in garnishing consistent large ratings on T.V. 
Published 10/21/19
John Layfield joins the podcast this week to discuss his career in professional wrestling and working for WWE. Layfield starts by discussing his time playing football and briefly playing for the Oakland Raiders. He dives into the professional wrestling world, and what it was like working for organized crime around the world as a professional wrestler. His career changed when he joined WWE and when the company’s success skyrocketed in the 90s. He reveals his life in WWE and what it’s like...
Published 10/07/19
Chazz Palminteri joins the podcast this week. The actor, screenwriter, producer, and playwright talks about his journey from Belmont Ave in the Bronx, to the silver screen and Broadway.  Palminteri discusses what it was like to work with legends Robert De Niro and later Woody Allen and how in the movie version of “A Bronx Tale”, there were only three actors, the rest were street guys. He also dives into what it’s like to act in his one-man play.  He switches gears to discuss his passion of...
Published 09/23/19
NBA player Enes Kanter joins the podcast to discuss his basketball career and his feud with Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Kanter talks about his journey to the NBA, playing for the Utah Jazz, New York Knicks, and discusses how players recruit in free agency. He also talks about his public feud with Turkish President Erdogan and how his criticism has made him public enemy number one. He reveals how his family has been harassed by the Turkish government and how he's been placed into Interpol...
Published 09/09/19
Boxing champ Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin joins the podcast this week. The former middleweight champion discusses his upcoming fight against Sergiy Derevyanchenko on October 5th at Madison Square Garden for the IBF Middleweight Title exclusively streamed on DAZN. Golovkin talks about his childhood in Kazakhstan and how he opted for boxing instead of soccer. He says he stays humble despite his worldwide success. "GGG" talks about his strict routine to stay in fighting shape and how he doesn't want...
Published 08/26/19
How quickly a couple of tweets can change everything. Former White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci cut ties with President Trump Monday after a very public feud on Twitter. A little more than a week before their spat, Scaramucci recorded this podcast and said at the time he would continue to push for President Trump on the campaign trail. This is clearly no longer the case. Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, also referenced some of President Trump's "racist"...
Published 08/12/19
Ashley Webster discusses his trip to Canopy Growth's headquarters in Canada. Canopy Growth is the largest legal grower of marijuana. He discusses how their operation works, the scientific effort that goes into each plant, and the issues they are facing in America. Webster also explores what the future holds for the industry. The belief is an economic boom for growers and sellers, but obstacles stand in their way.
Published 07/29/19
David Webb, Fox Nation Host and SiriusXM Radio Host, discusses the media's portrayal of President Donald Trump and the left's use of identity in politics. He says President Trump is not a racist, pointing to personal experiences with him and the people President Trump surrounds himself with. Webb also analyzes the breakdown from within the Democrat party and the split between the old-guard, Speaker Pelosi-run moderates and the new, radically left liberals led by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. He also...
Published 07/15/19
Brandon Judd, President of the Border Patrol Council, discusses the broader crisis. Fresh off of a long stint stationed on the Mexican border, Judd recounts the troubling scene of the dismay of our border. He describes the scenes of migrants running across our border unchecked, countless drug seizures, and tells why a wall and more investment in our border patrol is needed. Judd says cartel members will force asylum-seekers and other migrants to cross the border where they want them to. ...
Published 07/01/19
Pete Hegseth, "Fox & Friends Weekend" host, says the election of President Donald Trump and the support of his policies is part of the battle for the cultural soul of the nation. Hegseth also discusses fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He says, "Iraq has the seeds for civil society," and he went into Afghanistan optimistic, but learned they didn't have the ingredients Iraq has.
Published 06/17/19
NASCAR champion Kurt Busch joins the podcast this week.  Busch talks about his career and how the young drivers today don't bring the same fire as his generation and the drivers before him.  Busch discusses the future of the sport and addresses if this is his last season.
Published 06/03/19
This week's podcast discusses the fight between socialism and capitalism America is experiencing today.  Ashley takes a deep dive into how socialism has failed repeatedly around the world and why America's success is largely due to capitalism. This episode also tackles how socialism is playing a large role in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.
Published 05/20/19
Utah Senator Mike Lee sits down this week to discuss his new book and the latest craziness in politics. Senator Lee's new book, "Our Lost Declaration", explores America's fight against tyranny, starting with our founding fathers fighting King George, to today's fight against the "Deep State".  He argues that looking back to the principles and the text in the Declaration of Independence is just as imperative as looking to the Constitution.  While the age of kings and queens are over in...
Published 05/06/19
Rob O'Neill, the man who killed Osama Bin Laden, joins the podcast. O'Neill talks about the famous Seal Team 6 mission that found and killed Bin Laden. O'Neill describes the training, mental experience, and how it all went down. He also challenges his critics who say there is a code of silence for special operations soldiers, saying it's a myth and he never took credit away from any of his teammates.
Published 04/22/19
Tomi Lahren, host of "First Thoughts" and "Final Thoughts" on Fox Nation, joins the podcast this week. Lahren discusses what it was like going from South Dakota to the bright lights of Los Angeles and how growing up in a fly-over state shaped her conservative views. Lahren also talks about being a "firebrand", a loud voice that counters the noise coming from the Hollywood elite. She talks about the importance to show people that they don't have to fall into the peer pressure of being a...
Published 04/08/19
Gianni Russo, "Godfather" actor, joins the podcast this week. Out with his new book, "Hollywood Godfather: My Life in the Movies and in the Mob", Russo talks about his life around the Mafia, Hollywood, and the Kennedy's. Russo discusses growing up around Mafia legend Frank Costello, acting in "The Godfather", the Kennedy assassination, meeting drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, and much more.
Published 03/28/19
Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, joins the podcast. Kirk discusses why he created Turning Point USA, one of the largest youth conservative political organizations in the country.  He says his goal is to "win America's culture war", saying American culture is being threatened by outside forces. He also explains why bias liberal politics is negatively affecting American colleges and universities.  American universities, Kirk says, is where American culture lives, making them the...
Published 03/11/19
England's Nigel Farage joins the podcast this week to discuss British and American politics. Farage is the Vice Chairman of "Leave Means Leave", former UKIP Leader, and European Parliament Member. Farage details how he first envisioned Brexit as a commodities trader in the 80s when he realized that Britain, a great global trading power, shouldn't be tying itself economically to Europe. But he was a "Lone Ranger" supporting that ideology through much of the 90s in the political realm. Finally...
Published 02/25/19
Burt Flickinger, Strategic Resource Group Managing Director, joins the podcast to discuss the world of the retail. Flickinger, who's family has created F.W. Woolworth, Woolco, Footlocker, Red & White, and many other companies, tells how his family went from being poor farmers to retail magnates. Flickinger discusses the major players of today - the Amazons, Walmart's, Targets, and Macy's of the world - and how their future growth is probable but there are possible hurdles they all may...
Published 02/11/19
Special guest Lara Trump joins the podcast this week. Trump said she never envisioned caring about politics the way she does now.  Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina and studying at the Culinary Institute of America, she never could have predicted stumping for a presidential candidate or being able to walk through the front doors of The White House. Before President Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, he told his family on his birthday, two days before he made his...
Published 01/28/19
Judge Andrew Napolitano joins the podcast again. The Judge discusses the legality of President Trump declaring a national emergency to fund a wall at the southern border and gives his take on the New Democrat-run House of Representatives.
Published 01/21/19
Mike Plant, President of the Atlanta Braves, sits down to discuss the growth of the Atlanta Braves. Plant talks about the The Battery Atlanta, the mixed-use, $ 1 billion complex that has retail space, apartments, a concert hall, a hotel, and more and how it has driven more fans to the Braves. Plant also discusses his work with the Olympics and working for Ted Turner.
Published 01/07/19
Mark Steyn, best-selling author, joins the podcast. Steyn covers a range of topics in his usual humorous way. He discusses what he thinks of late night television comedians continuously attacking President Donald Trump, his unique vantage point from living in the New England wilderness, and much much more in the crazy political times we now live in. Steyn also explains his hit album for cats, "Feline Groovy: Songs for Swingin' Cats"
Published 12/24/18