Baer with Me: 2024 Predictions
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Baer with Me is our new mini-series of The Baer Faxt Podcast, building on our past episodes featuring Josh Baer's insights on the current state of the art market. Hosted by Luyang Jiang, our President and Executive Producer of our Podcast, Baer with Me will feature regular updates on the latest trends in the global art market.   For our debut episode, Josh shares his predictions for the art business in 2024—how to buy the dip, a comeback for NFTs, and the bull market to come as interest rates continue to soften. He and Luyang also talk about The Baer Faxt's exciting plans for the months ahead as we travel to art market events across the U.S., Asia, Europe, and beyond.
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This episode marks the one-year anniversary of The Baer Faxt Podcast, and the second episode of Baer with Me, our mini-series of The Baer Faxt Podcast hosted by our President, Luyang Jiang, with market insights from Josh Baer.   On the last day of our busy Hong Kong Art Week, Josh and Luyang sat...
Published 04/11/24
Published 04/11/24
Jussi Pylkkänen joins Josh for his first sit-down interview since leaving his role as Global President of Christie's after nearly 40 years to start his own independent advisory, Art Pylkkänen.   Jussi reveals the secret art of the auctioneer, sharing his favorite stories from his time negotiating...
Published 03/21/24