Tom Haberstroh, David Thorpe and Nate Duncan from the Dunc'd On Podcast.  Topics:  5:00 Derrick Rose is back! What is Tom Thibodeau thinking?  18:00 LeBron James dominates Denver  23:00 Cleveland vs The Field 24:30 Raptors vs Cavs 30:00 Carmelo Anthony getting hunted by Rockets 40:00 Rockets vs Warriors: Who you got?                 
Published 03/08/18
Zach Harper, BLK Tray, Tom Haberstroh, BIG Wos, Seerat Sohi and Rafe Bartholomew. Topics Cuban Accused Kawhi speaks? Tanking Bulls reprimanded  LA Bron Billboards Best / Worst NBA Nicknames AOL Screen Names Blake Griffin / Pistons Van Gundy Issues Ichiro
Published 03/07/18
Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, BIG Wos, Zach Harper, Mariano Bivins, Anthony Mayes and Jade. Kevin Loves speaks about depression Marcus Smart is a ninja Damian Lillard, the new MVP runner up, and the 4th best point guard in the NBA Warriors will win title, don't tell the Rockets Kawhi is not happy about his sneaker deal negotiation  Sneaker Talk Clippers and Bumble Bumble is a scam according to Wos Voicemails Will Smith Life Coach Kobe's Oscar / #MeToo Moment The Shape of Water Stinks ...
Published 03/06/18
Produced by: Brandon Holveck @holveck_brandon    Rundown   The Original I'm Here TBF 2/2   Nipsey Hussle BOMM 2/26   Bob from Marketing TBF 2/27   Never Another Steph Curry TBF 2/22   Wos Lay Off the Drugs TBF 2/27   Who the Hell is Blk Tray? TBF 2/2   Cerniglia TBF 2/20   Frogs in the Wild TBF 2/14   Overrated Historical Performances Talk Hoops 2/5   Sarah's Here TBF 2/9   Farm Assist TBF 2/9   IT Nugget TBF 2/9   76ers TBF 2/22   Wedding Day Talk Hoops 2/1   ...
Published 03/05/18
Jade, Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Tom Haberstroh, Angie Treasure, Eden Liu, Mama Hoye and Anthony Mayes answer listener questions from Twitter.  Guests: Jack Parnell-Wolf from Tokyo. His mother, Maredith Parnell. Jay Sampson from Philly. Sarah "The Pharmacist" from Tulsa...and Cleigh Adams from Poughkeepsie. 
Published 03/02/18
Tom Haberstroh and David Thorpe.  Topics Harden ruins Wes Johnson Dave's new gig, joins Flow Sports   Semi deep Dive on the Rockets    Slow it down ISO ball   The Rockets are getting (better) watch out Warriors   MVP runner ups   Jimmy Butler   Anthony Davis   Wizards better without John Wall    Wall to the Hornets?   Kemba / Kidd Gilchrist   Tom Thibodeau to blame for Butler?
Published 03/01/18
Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Justin Rowan and Mike Prada.  Topics: Are the Wizards better without Wall? What to make of the Denver Nuggets   Philly is courting LeBron    Weird Owners  
Published 02/28/18
Zach Harper, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, Tom Haberstroh, Rafe Baortholomew and Anthony Mayes.  Anthony Davis is on fire. Is he the next MVP runner-up? Rockets can't lose.    05:00- Skip Bayless 10:10- Anthony Davis 16:30- TWolves 18:25- OKC 31:00- Houston 39:45- Zaza 45:50- Kawhi 51:40- Conspiracies and hood David Attenborough 57:20- Voicemails 01:07:50- Battle for the Bucks      
Published 02/27/18
Jade, BLK Tray, Zach Harper, Tom Haberstroh, BIG Wos, Eden Liu, Mama Hoye and Anthony Mayes answer listener questions from Twitter.  Special guests: Victor Rivera, Robby Randhawa, Jake Cohen and Jake Christie 
Published 02/23/18
Tom Haberstroh, David Thorpe and special guest Ryen Russillo. Topics Mavs and Mark Cuban   Is it a rush to judgement?   How much did he know?   What's the price he should pay?    HR Departments complicit?    Locker room vs Management   LeBron's political / social platform   The Decision and Independence    Taking ownership of careers / life     Empowerment for other athletes / Changing the game   The New Look Cavs   LeBron's next destination   Kawhi Leonard...
Published 02/22/18
Tom Haberstroh, Zach Harper, BIG Wos, BLK Tray and Jade Rundown to come... All Star Game Recap The pre show mess Kevin Hart  Fergie Decode Was the game good? Or was it hyped to be good?  Was it a giant sneaker ad? Voicemails Players at 40  
Published 02/20/18
Jade, BLK Tray, Zach Harper, Tom Haberstroh, Mama Hoye, Eden Liu and Rafe Bartholwmew answer listener questions from Twitter.  Return guests: Will Brown, Sarah from Tulsa and #SolidDude Ryne Jones Special guests: Matt Cook from Gibralter, and Emilio Andres Diaz Torres from Puerto Rico  
Published 02/16/18
It's the Thorpedo Thursday podcast with Coach David Thorpe who answers listener questions by way of Twitter, Facebook and the TBF Hotline.   
Published 02/16/18
Zach Harper, Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Rafe Bartholemew welcome in Rob Perez @World_Wide_Wob  Topics: Knicks Misery Doncic Drafting Euros Noah Steve Kerr Fires Back Rockets v Timberwolves Wolves down the stretch Worst of League Pass Magic are terrible Lance Stephenson GIF Hero Rockets potential  Harden's playoff problems Hawks Game Ops Conspiracy Animal Hunger Games Deadly Animal Hypotheticals  KG Jersey Retired in Boston? All Star Game Predictions Pettiest NBA Players  
Published 02/14/18
Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Jade and Anthony Mayes Disrespectful Warriors calling their own plays now? Too many games in the NBA season New look Cavs Isaiah Thomas / roles / new roles Tank watch TJ McConnell Voicemails   
Published 02/13/18
Jade, Zach Harper, BLK Tray, Mariano Bivins, Tom Haberstroh, Eden Liu, Mama Hoye, Anthony Mayes answer listener questions from Twitter.  Special guests: Matt Ruffin from Tasmania, Australia. Sarah the Pharmacist form Tulsa. Dave Schilling from Bleacher Report and The Ringer. Eric Jones from 'Grape Jelly Debate' fame. 
Published 02/09/18
David Thorpe, Tom Haberstroh and Tim Bontemps break down one of the craziest trade deadline days in recent history. 
Published 02/09/18
Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Seerat Sohi, Justin Rowan, BIG Wos, Mariano Bivins, Jade, Zach Harper, Anthony Mayes Rundown to come... Cavs blow it up...
Published 02/08/18
Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray and Rafe Bartholemew 00:00- Dentists and Whip-Its 06:00- Giannis is an alien 19:00- Porzingis torn ACL 25:00- Cavs debacle 37:40- Warriors v Thunder 49:15- Trade Deadline 58:00- John Wall 1:02:30- Witness Protection Guest of the week  
Published 02/07/18
Tom Haberstroh, Zach Harper, BLK Tray, Anthony Mayes and Fred Katz.  Rundown for now...   Russell Westbrook no follow up questions policy Frisco Fred Reclining on a plane The Cavs are awful  Trade scenarios / need help on Defense High priced garbage OKC Deadline options Paul George stay or go? Wizards trade scenarios Kelly Oubre in LA Gortat for Jordan Center position is stacked DeAndre Jordan destinations Buyout market  George Hill good for lockeroom Kevin Love scapegoat  ...
Published 02/06/18
The Best of 'The Basketball Friends' and other 'Leverage the Chat' shows.  Produced by: Brandon Holveck 1. Hickeys TBF 1/2 2. Jade's ALS Pepper Challenge TBF 1/5 3. Jade Tries to Understand Black Culture BOMM 1/22 4. F*****g Ready TBF 1/26 5. Dangle the Carrot TBF 1/26 6. Dating Rihanna Wos Speaks 1/3 7. OJ Simpson BOMM 1/8 8. David Griffin on Kyrie TBF 1/3 9. Levels of LeBron TBF 1/23 10. Filet-o-Fish/Answering Machine TBF 1/5 11. Is the Guest White or Black? TBF 1/12 12....
Published 02/05/18
Zach Harper, Jade, BLK Tray, Tom Haberstroh, BIG Wos, Eden Liu, Angie Treasure, Mama Hoye and Anthony Mayes answer listener questions by Twitter.  Special guest: Shane Cullen, Jonathan Forestier, Omar Spahi and Mans Malm. 
Published 02/02/18
Tom Haberstroh, Tim Bontemps and Sports Illustrated's Rob Mahoney.  Topics 01:00- ALS Pepper Challenge 03:20- Tim’s Mic check 06:30- Intro 07:20- Rasual Butler 10:45- Future Warrior, Lebron James 13:00- Lebron puts pressure on the Cavs Drama vs Cavs falling apart 17:00- Lebron landing spots? 27:00- Cav’s trading the Nets pick 29:00- How to rank players and problems with doing it 36:00- Salty players and how quickly rankings can change 40:00- 2011 Mavs and Rob’s book...
Published 02/01/18
Zach Harper, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, Rafe Bartholomew and Seerat Sohi. 01:00- Drunk Tweets 03:00- Death Flu 04:50- Buying Followers 09:00- Raef Speaks 10:00- Connecticut vs Everybody 12:30- Kevin love 14:30- Cavs dumpster fire 26:00- The non Tanking Clippers 28:20- Mexican Food 32:30- James Harden’s amazing night 34:20- The strange Magic 40:30- The new Pistons 44:30- Raptors chances 46:20- Nico Trade bust 51:00- Steph’s shoes can do all things 57:50- Sports Gambling ...
Published 01/31/18
Tom Haberstroh, Zach Harper, BLK Tray, BIG Wos, Jade and Anthony Mayes.  01:00- Basketball friends weather report 06:30- Hot Sauce Hoax 13:25- Where’s Lebron going, not the clippers…. 20:50- Are the Cavs for sale? How does it impact LeBron 23:40- Lebron to the Spurs or Rockets? 30:00- NBA Loyalty 32:30- Wos Cape All-Star Blake Griffin 34:30- Blake trade for Detroit 37:00- Drummond’s fit 43:20- All Star Game 49:30- Boogie 52:20- Blake 54:30- Jersey numbers 56:30- Fan calls
Published 01/30/18