Four Basic Chess Principles That Can Drive Massive Growth For Your Business
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Entrepreneurs need to think like a grandmaster. So how do you do that? There are 4 key principles in chess that you can apply in your business as an entrepreneur. 1. Developing your pieces in very active squares - this means looking at your forces and make sure that they are all active. It could be your social media, paid advertising, email marketing etc. 2. King safety - just like in Chess, you need to prioritize the safety of your business. Don't do anything that has the potential of ruining you or ruining your business. 3. Improve your worst place piece - optimize and improve your worst pieces of your business. 4. Think in terms of scenarios and possibilities - Don't just pick one path and go down it think in terms of multiple paths. ---------- We frequently get asked things like: What do we use for courses and email marketing? What platform do we use to find people to join our team? What tools do we use for project and task management? Where do we host and publish podcasts and how do we transcribe them? And More.  Well, we just put together the Entrepreneurs' Online Business Toolkit PDF which will give you a complete breakdown of the tools we use to run our 7-figure businesses and how we use them. Click here to grab a copy, it will be an invaluable resource in your entrepreneurial journey! Connect with us: Website:  Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter:  Newsletter: 
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